Better Healthcare Through Math

Bending the Access and Cost Curves

By Sanjeev Agrawal & Mohan Giridharadas

Getting a doctor’s appointment shouldn’t be harder than booking a vacation.

The US healthcare system excels in research, innovation, and clinical care, but is failing to keep up with the operational challenges of the digital age. Today’s healthcare organizations face immense financial challenges, and their most valuable resources – people, rooms, and equipment – are being used inefficiently. The result? Long wait times for patients, overstressed staff, underused assets, and poor ROI for organizations.

Why do health systems struggle with optimization? The fundamental problem is one of matching an unpredictable demand for services with a constrained supply. The math being used to solve this problem is a holdover from the paper-and-pencil era.

In Better Healthcare Through Math, authors Mohan Giridharadas and Sanjeev Agrawal show you that there is a better way. Healthcare systems can harness the power of sophisticated, analytics-driven mathematics to optimize the matching of supply and demand. By upgrading to software systems built on better math, they can enable staff to make data-based decisions to flatten peaks of demand and create smoother patient flow.