Dare to Care in the Workplace

A Guide to the New Way We Work

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw

The workplace has changed forever.

Working from home has become working from anywhere. Companies need to move forward and transition into this new era of remote work to grow and retain top talent. Is your company poised to falter or thrive in the hybrid environment?

In this book, Kathleen Quinn Votaw shares her signature plan for creating people-centric, relationship-based workplaces where employees replace the nine-to-five work mentality with purpose and personal fulfillment.

You’ll learn the value of…

  • Breaking the status quo
  • Shifting into a strong company culture
  • Cultivating a workplace that values empathy
  • Building a solid community that can withstand any storm

It takes everyone at a company working together to create a supportive employee experience. Put people first, and all else follows.