Entrepreneur Rx

The Physician’s Guide to Starting a Business

By John Shufeldt

The prescription for entrepreneurial success

Being a physician is challenging. So is starting your own business. In Entrepreneur Rx, physician and serial entrepreneur, Dr. John Shufeldt, shares time-tested insights and knowledge for building a thriving startup while maintaining your practice. From identifying winning business ideas to raising the necessary capital, Dr. Shufeldt offers a comprehensive insider’s view into strategies that have helped him develop and nurture a number of successful businesses (including two valued at more than $100 million). Just as important, Dr. Shufeldt doesn’t pull any punches. He doesn’t soft-pedal the obstacles that can bring down even the best business ideas. He’s candid about the mistakes and missteps he’s made himself. But, in sharing both his successes and failures, he equips any budding physician/entrepreneur with a balanced, thorough understanding of what it takes to build a winner. Listen to and use the concepts discussed in this book to start your own entrepreneurial journey with the confidence and the necessary tools to create the business of your dreams!