Hear Us Speak

Letters from Arab Women

By Suzan Kanoo

If Arab women were given a voice, what story would they tell?

To be a woman is a gift. But that gift does not come without challenges. Historically, women around the globe have fought to be heard. The stories of Arab women, in particular, have often been veiled in mystery.

In Hear Us Speak, Suzy Kanoo lifts the veil. As a CEO, Suzy has enjoyed great success as an Arab businessperson; as a woman, she has witnessed firsthand how Arab legislation and culture has not always kept pace with a world that continues to evolve. By curating letters from a wide array of women and one good man, Suzy reveals story after story of courageous, resilient human beings who flourish in the face of impossible odds.

The letters in this book are inspiring, shocking, empowering, harrowing, and a thousand shades between. When listened together, they paint a rich portrait of what life is like for Arab women today. These are wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters. They are businesspeople, entrepreneurs, citizens, and refugees. They have seen and done remarkable things, been bruised and emerged stronger for it.

Hear Us Speak is a book by and for women, a chorus of voices that will forever change the way you see the world.