The Fearless Socialpreneur

Making It Your Business to Serve a World in Need

By Dr. Rob Douk

Bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and social activism.

We all long to live in a better world. Whether it is a world without hunger or poverty or a world with better access to healthcare and clean drinking water, we are in dire need of positive social changes. Dr. Rob Douk, the founder of Douk & Co., has made it his life mission to make a difference—and to help others do the same. As a therapist turned socialpreneur, Douk has paved the way for companies with a strong social purpose to grow their business as they improve the world.

The Fearless Socialpreneur outlines a series of five foundations and five principles that generate success for “socialpreneurs”, those who launch innovative enterprises that achieve both financial returns and social benefits. Ranging from faith to family to passion and planning, the foundations and principles work hand in hand to elevate the status of any socially conscious company. It is Douk’s belief that good people working together can overcome any challenge to make a profound difference.