The Human Team

So, You Created a Team but People Showed Up!

By Jeanet Wade

Human needs: The missing ingredient to team health and company success

In her breakout business book, corporate coach and business guru Jeanet Wade distills the essence of team and company success. The secret sauce to great teams, vibrant organizations, and happy people? Human nature.

In a series of engaging and provocative chapters, she combines business research with anecdotes from her career and her executive client sessions, showing how we can attend to human needs by clarifying assignments, showing baseline consideration, and inspiring confidence. Poignant personal profiles, cutting-edge research, and the keen insight of a successful businessperson add vibrance and dynamism to each chapter, making for a compellingly listenable and eminently useful book.

If you want an inexpensive way to win the global war on talent and ensure your company can navigate disruption, this book is for you.