We Are HR

The Business Owner’s Definitive Guide to Professional Employer Organizations

By Bill J. Lyons

PEOs: The Best-Kept Secret for Small Business Sustainability and Success

Never heard of a professional employment organization? Well, you’re not alone. Yet PEOs have been providing the single most valuable set of services to small business owners for decades, allowing them to do what they do best, serving their clients and selling their products or services. After all, the administrative burdens that are thrust upon today’s small business owners are immense; since 1980 there has been an increase of over 400 percent in employment-related laws and regulations. What budding entrepreneur wants to be distracted by shopping for health insurance once a year, going through workers’ compensation audits, sitting through unemployment hearings, stressing over an OSHA fine, creating employee handbooks, or paying out a big tax penalty because they didn’t file something on time?

A PEO handles all of this and more for its clients at a cost that is usually less than what the employer would pay by doing it themselves!

We Are HR is the new HR handbook, designed to educate small business owners and industry professionals on the origins and future of PEOs, while highlighting the strong value proposition and overwhelming advantage small business owners have when leaving HR to the experts.

The bottom line: when you have a tax problem, you call a CPA. If you have a legal problem, you call an attorney. And after listening to this book, when you’ve got an HR problem, you’ll call a PEO.