Driving Change through Digital Transformation: Shell’s CIO/CTO Tyler Falkenhagen on His IT Strategy (Part Two)

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In this episode, Tyler goes deeper into the mindset and strategies needed to drive transformational change as an IT leader. He explains why adopting a “never say no” mentality is key to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Tyler also shares his insights on emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, and gives his thoughts on chatbots like ChatGPT and their implications for the future. Join Bhopi and Saurajit as they dive into the components of forward-thinking leadership with Tyler. Discover how leading with curiosity, flexibility and vision can enable CIOs to spearhead innovations that create both sustainable IT and sustainable business growth. Gain unique perspectives on how to develop a collaborative, empowered team ready to take on the challenges ahead on the path to digital transformation.

About Tyler Falkenhagen: Tyler is the Chief Information Officer & Chief Technology Officer for Shell Energy in the US. He is responsible for ensuring that its platforms are capable of supporting the strategic ambition of scaling the business. This includes transforming the business processes, designing, and delivering technical customer facing solutions which optimize the digital journey and introduce new digital business models supported by excellent data methodology, systems & processes. Prior to his current role, Tyler led the IT group for Renewables & Energy Solutions at Shell in the Americas. He has held leadership positions at Just Energy where he was the Head of IT for Trading & Supply, lead of the data & analytics group for the commercial division and as well as management of IT engineering. Tyler holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on power systems.