E1 : Andi Shaughnessy & Danielle Carter

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On the premiere episode of Fearless Leadership, Brendan is joined by glass ceiling-breaking entrepreneurs, Andi Shaughnessy and Danielle Carter. Andi and Danielle are the co-CEOs of ExpressIt Delivery, a company that was launched in their childhood living room over 30 years ago. ExpressIt is made up of hundreds of experienced delivery professionals and specialists that provide same-day delivery and trucking services to clients throughout the Northeast.  Andi and Danielle talk about how they’ve thrived in the male-dominated shipping industry, what they learned from their father and mentor, and what inspires them to be a FEARLESS LEADER.

About Andi Shaughnessy & Danielle Carter: This dynamic sister duo has defied all odds in a male-dominated industry by skyrocketing their small family-owned business to an industry leader…in just a few short years!

Named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Powerful Women, Carter and Shaughnessy, are not only pioneers of the logistics industry, but they continue to pave the way for female leaders and women-owned businesses nationwide.

Their passion and drive are rooted in their love for creating meaningful partnerships and helping other businesses achieve their goals. Shaughnessy and Carter measure their own company’s success on the success of their clients and customers.

To learn more about ExpressIt Delivery and how they can help your business grow, check out expressitdelivery.com or connect with Andi & Danielle on LinkedIn.