e1 p1 : OSF Roundtable

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Gerry kicks off the podcast with a round table discussion with OSF Executive Managing Director, Bernadine Wu and Rob Smith, the aVP of Go-To-Market at OSF. In part one, Gerry, Bernadine, and Rob discuss the differences between Digitization and Digital transformation and the importance of challenging your thinking.

Bernardine Wu is a thought leader and go-to-expert in the commerce industry. She now leads the Digital Strategy group of OSF Digital as the Executive Managing Director, where her team of consultants helps accelerate digital growth for retailers, brands, manufacturers, and B2B organizations.

Rob Smith has over 20 years of deep e-commerce and digital transformation experience. He joined OSF in 2019 through an acquisition and is responsible for taking OSF’s services and products to market, ensuring they are impactful, well-positioned, and serving our customers’ needs.