E1 P2 : Nicholas Mathews

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In the conclusion of Denise’s conversation with Nicholas Mathews, the co-founder of Stillwater Behavioral Health, Nicholas discusses how doctors can combat the opioid crisis and what he thinks the long-term effects of the pandemic will have on people battling addiction.

About Nicholas Mathews: As seen on KMVT-CBS in Idaho, KSBY 6 in California, and Pharmacy Times, Nicholas Mathews is a founder of Stillwater Behavioral Health, a Dual Diagnosis treatment facility that personalizes care to help those struggling to recover from substance addiction and mental health disorders. Mathews abused opioids at a young age before becoming a heroin addict at age 16. It was only when he developed a life-threatening liver condition that he realized he needed to get clean. After succeeding, he dedicated his life to guiding others into sobriety, becoming a consultant for various treatment facilities. This work made him determined to fix deficiencies in clinical care and boost the overall effectiveness of treatment programs. That’s when Stillwater was born. He intends to grow the facility to help even more people, regardless of their socioeconomic background. He currently studies at Harvard Business School online.