E10 : Tech Adoption

Episode Information

In this episode, Gerry dives into real examples of Digital Transformation with Fabrice Talbot, the VP of Products at Salesforce. Before joining Salesforce, he started a couple of companies and was a founding member of Community Cloud (known as Experience Cloud today) which helped it grow to over 1 billion users. Gerry and Fabrice discuss the usage of tech in business, tech adoption, and why data is the center of everything.

About Fabrice Talbot: Fabrice is a seasoned product leader, with over twenty years experience, who lived and worked in six countries across Europe and the US. Fabrice founded two startups (B2C healthy lifestyle, Saas Document Collaboration) before joining Salesforce. Fabrice is a founding member of Salesforce Experience Cloud, one of the leading Digital Experience platforms offering in the market with over 1 billion users.