E11 : Adam Bryant

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Leaping into leadership is no easy feat. It requires ambition, skill, and the courage to take risks. This week on Fearless Leadership, Brendan P. Keegan sits down with Adam Bryant, author of The Leap to Leader and senior managing director at The ExCo Group. With decades of experience interviewing top executives, Bryant has unique insights into what it takes to make the transition from manager to leader. He shares key lessons learned from CEOs who successfully took the leap, as well as common pitfalls to avoid. You’ll hear Bryant’s advice on developing emotional intelligence, earning credibility, and gaining influence. He also discusses how to create a personal board of directors, solicit honest feedback, and find strong mentors.  Any manager with their sights set on leadership will benefit from Bryant’s wisdom and real-world guidance. Tune in for a lively and enlightening conversation about the mindsets, skills, and strategies required to become an impactful leader.