E3 P2 : Chris Ronzio #KeepGoing

Episode Information

In the conclusion of Mari’s discussion with podcast host & author Chris Ronzio, the Founder of Trainual, Chris talks about the successful launch of his new book, “The Business Playbook” and how he stays humble despite all his successes.

Find out more Trainual here and Chris here.

About Chris Ronzio: Chris is the founder and CEO of Trainual, a leading SaaS company that helps businesses automate their onboarding and training by documenting every process, policy, and procedure in one simple system. Chris is also the host of the “Process Makes Perfect” podcast, author of “The Business Playbook,” and Inc. Magazine contributor with a column called “The Process Playbook.” With Trainual, Chris is on a mission to make small business easier by helping business leaders find the time to do more of what they love and providing a way to document and delegate what they do.