e3 p2 : University of Cincinnati Professor Murat Ozer

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In the conclusion of Ben’s conversation with Murat Ozer, a professor and entrepreneur, Murat explains his love of research and how Peel9 is handling the sensitive nature of assisting law enforcement during the current climate.

About Murat Ozer: Dr. Ozer is an Associate Professor at the School of Information Technology. His research interests are primarily in managing big data sources of law enforcement agencies to generate predictive data analytics for various public health problems such as gun violence, gang-related crimes, drug overdose, and street violence. He has developed and commercialized Peel9 software for law enforcement agencies and serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His active involvement in cloud computing, such as AWS and MS Azure, has augmented his cloud infrastructure and information security skills. Dr. Ozer teaches Information Security and Assurance course and shares his practical experiences within the framework of CompTIA security+ content.