E4 P2 : Shasheen Shah #KeepGoing

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In the conclusion of  Mari’s talk with the Founder of Coherent Strategies,  Shasheen Shah, Shasheen shares what he hopes readers will take away from his book, “The Kid and the King”  and why he thinks we struggle with self-limiting beliefs, close-mindedness, and self-sabotage.

About Shasheen Shah: Shasheen is the CEO and Founder of Coherent Strategies. For 25 years, he has led high-achieving CEOs and maverick entrepreneurs through the Emotional Mastery Process (EMP). Shasheen is the author of the Kid & the King: The Hidden Inner Struggle High Achievers Must Conquer to Reignite and Reengage with Life. He is dedicated to the ability to gracefully navigate and find coherence and integrity in all aspects of life.