E5 P1 : Ally Svenson

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Joining Maggie and Hannah this week is Ally Svenson, the co-founder of MOD Pizza. After founding and selling a couple of businesses in the UK, Ally and her husband Scott returned to the Pacific Northwest where they were inspired to create a family-friendly restaurant that was fast, healthy, and affordable. In 2008, they opened their first MOD Pizza in downtown Seattle, and pizza with a purpose was born. Five hundred locations later, the MOD Squad is serving pizzas to people all over the country and beyond.  In part one, Ally shares the inspiration for starting a Seattle-style coffee shop in London, what drives them to continue the path of an entrepreneur with a purpose, how taking care of their team (MOD Squad) has powered their success.

About Ally Svenson & MOD Pizza:
After founding and selling two successful businesses in the U.K. — Seattle Coffee Company and Carluccio’s Ltd. — Scott and Ally returned to their hometown of Seattle to raise their family. With four growing boys, they soon discovered a need for family-friendly dining options that were fast, healthy, and affordable. They wondered, was there a way to innovate this restaurant segment? Soon their entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and they began exploring ideas that combined their love of business, people, and purpose. The goal? Create a people-first culture where everyone could thrive. The result was MOD Pizza. The first MOD opened in 2008 in downtown Seattle, and the “pizza with a purpose” brand grew from there. Today, Scott serves as MOD’s CEO and Ally as MOD’s Protector of the Purpose.