E5 P2 : Vishen Lakhiani

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In the conclusion of Denise’s conversation with Vishen Lakhiani, the tenacious founder of Mindvalley, Vishen talks about the benefits of his Six Phase Meditation Method and how Mind Valley is helping people tackle cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Find out more about Vishen’s new book:  https://www.mindvalley.com/books/6phase

About Vishen Lakhiani: Vishen is one of the architects of modern personal growth, elevating many brilliant and recognizable names in the industry. He created Mindvalley, the world’s most powerful life transformation platform that now boasts a following of 20 million people across 195 countries. He launched and brought fame to dozens of leading personal growth experts in the last decade, including Marisa Peer and brain coach Jim Kwik, who have some of the leading programs on Mindvalley. He also revived The Silva Method, a program centered on accessing deeper states of mind, and he popularized the brands Wildfit and Lifebook.

Vishen has written two bestselling books, including The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, which became the No. 1 in the world on Amazon Kindle, and The Buddha and The Badass, which landed in the No. 1 coveted spot on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. His show, The Mindvalley Podcast, has over 20 million downloads and is ranked among the top 5% of all podcasts worldwide. And lastly, Vishen’s widely practiced 6-Phase Meditation—which is hailed by famous athletes and celebrities—will be published as a book in 2022 due to its popularity.

Today, Vishen is dedicated to innovating the Mindvalley platform with cutting-edge AI technology and machine learning solutions so it becomes the most advanced learning platform in the world. His goal for Mindvalley is to reach 100 national schooling systems and every company in the Fortune 500 over the next decade.