E6: Chad Gundersen

Episode Information

In this episode of Fearless Leadership, Brendan chats with Chad Gundersen, a co-owner of Out of Order Studios, a production company that specializes in faith-based films and shows. Chad shares his journey from a small-town kid in Texas to a successful Hollywood producer, and how he overcame the challenges and risks of making movies with a spiritual message. He also reveals the secrets behind his groundbreaking project, The Chosen, a series that portrays Jesus from the perspective of those who encountered him. He explains how The Chosen became the largest crowdfunded media project in history, and how streaming platforms have opened new doors for reaching audiences around the world. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with Chad Gundersen, a fearless leader who is changing the landscape of entertainment with his passion and vision.

About Chad Gundersen: Chad has been an independent producer for over 20 years. In 2006 he formed Gundersen Entertainment and produced such films as Like Dandelion Dust, The Trial and Hoovey. In 2015, along with Chris Juen, Chad started Out of Order Studios to produce animated features films, live action feature films and TV shows. They are currently in production on the studio’s animated feature and in development on numerous animated feature films, live action films and TV shows. Chad is also a producer on the hit series The Chosen.