Episode 01: Michael Summers, CEO of Summers Flooring & Design

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You will cheer as you hear Michael Summers, CEO of Summers Flooring & Design in Central Oregon, describe how his family’s local third generation flooring company has created a long line of “flooring pastors.” This ethic has provided a ministry that has resulted in fellowship and work and purpose for hundreds of troubled people who were saved while they were Michael’s employees and customers over the company’s 65+ year history.   

You may also rethink your own company’s potential as a ministry as you hear Michael describe how the Summers family transformed their flooring business and showroom into a meeting place for churches and the community.

Founded in 1954, Summers Flooring & Design takes pride in supplying superior flooring products with outstanding relational service throughout Central Oregon for over three generations. 

In addition to being CEO of his family’s business Summers Flooring & Design, Michael is also a world-renowned drummer and vocalist who has played all over the world. He was a founding member of the band “Elliott,” which headlined for major Christian events and was known for lyrics that explored matters of faith and doubt, justice and injustice, the broken and the whole. For the last few years, Michael has played drums and performed vocally in an extremely popular band called “Precious Byrd.” “Precious Byrd” plays across the nation and features Grammy award winning bassist Lonnie Chapin and saxophone player Andy Warr, known for his work on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”