Episode 02 | Part Two: Bridging the Generational Gap

Episode Information

Greg concludes his conversation with Ben Crudo, the CEO of diff, an e-commerce company located in Montreal. In Part Two, Ben tells Greg how he started his company 10 years ago, their relationship with Shopify, and why brick and mortar businesses should embrace e-commerce during the pandemic.

About Ben Crudo:
At the dynamic cross-section of Retail and Technology, you’ll find Ben. An experienced retail-strategist and software engineer, Ben founded e-commerce agency Diff in 2011 to provide retailers with a better way to do business. Brought up in the world of retail, Ben worked in his family’s business since his youth, learning everything from managing the warehouse to selling on the shop floor, to forecasting purchasing and analyzing sales data. The experience gave him a deep understanding of how retail businesses work and what’s required to run them successfully. In the quest to master the technology of the retail business, Ben earned a Software Engineering Degree from Concordia University in Montreal — and it was here that he started to fuse his retail acumen with his technical expertise.

Several years into running his own, highly successful e-commerce consultancy, he expanded his offering to form diff. With 100+ employees, three offices worldwide and as one of the world’s top Shopify partners, Diff takes a full-service approach to e-commerce: planning, designing, building, integrating and optimizing e-commerce products to drive success online. While known for his technical expertise, Ben remains passionate about demystifying e-commerce for his customers: communicating clearly in the language of retailers to ensure cooperative and successful projects.