Episode 02 | Part Two : Wade Rosen

Episode Information

Jason concludes his conversation with Wade Rosen, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Atari S.A. In part two, Wade shares his inspiration for getting involved with Atari, his company’s future in blockchain and what he would tell a young Wade Rosen if he could go back in time.

About Wade Rosen:
Wade is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Atari S.A., the driving investor of a portfolio of innovative SaaS, entertainment, biotechnology, & wellbeing companies, and serves on the board as a strategic advisor to a handful of international, multi-million dollar organizations. He is also the founder of several private technology-based firms based in the United States and an avid video enthusiast. He obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Denver and his Master of Business Administration from IE Business School in Madrid.