Episode 04 | Part One: Tami Erwin, Executive Vice President & Group CEO, Verizon Business

Episode Information

In part one of this interview, Tami Erwin tells Jennifer how Verizon Business Group was able to innovate and reimagine new ways of doing things during a crisis.  Tami also talks about how to create a team that can collaborate and has the empowerment to make the right decisions.

About Tami Erwin, Executive Vice President and Group CEO of Verizon Business:
Tami widely recognized for her strategic impact, marketing and operations focus, technical savvy, and passion for people. As CEO of Verizon Business Group, a $30B+ business with over 26,000 employees that would be among the Fortune 30 if it was a separate entity, she and her teams deliver mission critical solutions to businesses worldwide and operates America’s most reliable wireless network and premier all-fiber network. Tami helps businesses, government, and communities connect to the global economy with intelligent edge solutions and prepare for digital transformation, innovation, and accelerated growth in the 5G era.