Episode 06 | Part One: Barrett Keene, Global Head of Manager Development, Intuit

Episode Information

In the latest episode of Who Will Lead, Jennifer talks to Dr. Barrett Keene, the Global Head of Manager Development at Intuit. Barrett tells Jennifer why he joined Intuit, why leadership development is so important to him, and what success actually looks like.

About Barrett Keene:
Barrett Keene is the Global Head of Manager Development at Intuit. Intuit is a financial tech company based in Silicon Valley that powers prosperity for consumers, small businesses, and self-employed individuals through products like TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint. Prior to Intuit, Barrett worked at Tesla as an executive coach, the Head of Performance Management, and the Head of Leadership and Talent Development for Tesla’s Engineering and General and Administrative organizations. In addition to Barrett’s work as an internal Leadership and Talent Development leader, Barrett spent four years helping 12 Fortune 500 companies develop their leaders and employees with Accenture Strategy and the previous eleven years as an independent leadership development consultant within more than 80 organization. Prior to joining Accenture, Barrett completed a PhD at Cornell University focusing on Transformational Leadership and Behavioral Integrity. Barrett grew up in in Plant City, Fl and currently lives with his wife in Palo Alto.