Episode 07 | Part One: Venture Capitalism, Crypto, and The Future of Entrepreneurship

Episode Information

Prepare to take notes. This week, Greg talks to legendary Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper. He has invested in companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, Twitch, and Skype. Tim is Silicon Valley’s most notable blockchain and cryptocurrency investor and founder of Draper Associates, Draper University and DFJ. In part one, Tim tells Greg how he’s helping entrepreneurs around the globe and how he’s giving forward, not giving back.

About Tim Draper:
Tim is a top global venture capitalist, having founded Draper Associates and DFJ. The firms’ investments include Coinbase, Robinhood, TwitchTV, Skype, Tesla, Baidu, Focus Media, YeePay, Hotmail, SolarCity, Athenahealth, Box, SpaceX, Cruise Automation, Carta, Planet, PTC, Ledger and many others.

He is a leading spokesperson for Bitcoin, Blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrencies and led investments in the companies that would issue two of the largest ICO’s: Tezos and Bancor.

In promoting entrepreneurship, he created Draper University of Heroes, a residential school based in San Mateo, Ca to help extraordinary people accomplish their life missions. The school launched entrepreneurs from 76 countries who built 350 companies including NVision (sold for $275 million) and crypto leaders QTUM, Spacecash, DataWallet and Credo.

Tim Draper received a Bachelor of Science from Stanford University majoring in electrical engineering and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.