Episode 07 | Part Two: A Conversation with Jon Katzenbach

Episode Information

Clint wraps up his conversation with author, consultant, and the Founder of the Katzenbach Center at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jon Katzenbach. Over the course of his career, he has become a recognized leader in counseling high-profile CEOs and corporate leaders. In part two, Clint and Jon discuss how to maintain emotional connections in virtual workplaces.

About Jon Katzenbach:
Jon is a recognized expert in organizational performance, collaboration, corporate governance, and employee engagement and leads the firm’s Katzenbach Center for Organizational Innovation.  Jon authored several leading articles and books, including Why Pride Matters More Than Money, Peak Performance, Teams at the Top, Real Change Leaders, The Myth of the Top Management Team, Firing Up the Front Line (with Jason A. Santamaria), The Discipline of Teams (with Douglas K. Smith) and the bestseller The Wisdom of Teams (also with Douglas K. Smith). Katzenbach was a founder of Katzenbach Partners LLC, a firm specializing in organization, leadership, governance and strategy. Before founding Katzenbach Partners LLC, Jon was a director with McKinsey. Over more than 35 years at McKinsey, Jon led the firm’s San Francisco and New York offices and also served on many of the Firm’s governance bodies.