Episode 09: Patricia Asp, President of Compass Executives

Episode Information

Patricia Asp joins us to share her perspectives on leadership in general, and specifically leadership as a woman formed in the crucible of top leadership positions in public and private enterprise. Key takeaways for our women listeners (and men who know women in leadership roles) are Pat’s insights into mentoring and sponsoring emerging leaders and how to be mentored and sponsored. She also introduces invaluable resources and connections for career women.

Pat was an executive for 25 years with The ServiceMaster Company, a Fortune 100 global service company that was comprised of 5,000 contract management, franchise and company-owned global locations. During her tenure she led Performance Improvement, Human Resources, Strategic Planning & Development, Hospitality Services, Strategic Program Development, and served as President of Food Management Services. During this time, she led the first Six Sigma launch that encompassed a $4 Billion, distributed-model, multiple-location, global service company with 5,000 locations.

Pat currently serves as CEO at Compass Executives – Nashville Management Group, Inc. She has served on both for profit and not for profit boards and is an Independent Director of 4Word Women, founded to help women reach their God-given potential with confidence.