Episode 10: Doctor Tony Dale, Founder and Board Chairman of The Karis Group

Episode Information

Dr. Tony Dale discusses challenges and opportunities in the American health system and offers surprising perspectives, as well as sharing insights into how his deep faith in Christ informs and guides his work.

Dr. Dale walks out his strong Christian faith daily and is committed to changing healthcare for the better. As founder and Chairman of The Karis Group and Sedera, Tony has directly impacted the lives of millions of patients seeking the best possible care at fair and affordable prices.

The Karis Group is an Austin, Texas based professional services firm with over 18 years of experience providing Patient Advocacy or Bill Mediation service. Approximately 1 million people have access to Karis services, with about 10,000 per month joining. You can learn more about Karis at thekarisgroup.com.

In 2014, recognizing the unmet needs in the traditional health insurance industry, Tony founded Sedera as an alternative Medical Cost Sharing solution. Medical Cost Sharing allows members to be part of an organized community to share funds for medical care. Today, the Sedera community offers services all across America to groups large and small, helping tens of thousands of people with their medical costs. You can learn more about Sedera at sedera.com.