Episode 11 | Part Two: A Conversation with Craig LeMasters

Episode Information

Clint concludes his conversation with Craig LeMasters, the author of “Unstuck: How to Unlock and Activate the Wisdom of Others.” In part two, Clint and Craig discuss why people are afraid to ask for help and why listening has becoming a lost art.

About Craig Lemasters:
Craig is an author, entrepreneur, investor, and board member with more than two decades of success in executive leadership positions, now dedicated to helping senior leaders get unstuck on the major growth challenges to their businesses.

Craig works with global enterprises, focused on identifying knowledge gaps, aligning organizations around their strategic direction, and enabling critical decision making. Craig previously served as the CEO of Atlanta-based Assurant Solutions, a subsidiary of Fortune 500 Assurant, Inc. During his tenure, he led Assurant’s digital transformation and expansion into a global enterprise with a presence in 25 new markets around the world.

Craig speaks for a wide variety of industry and leadership audiences around the world and recently published the best-selling book, Unstuck, which deep dives his journey as CEO and teaches readers how they can leverage his unstuck methodology to tackle their most pressing business challenges.