Episode 13 | Part One: The New Rules

Episode Information

Every entrepreneur can’t do it all, but they do need a particular set of skills to succeed. Joining Greg this week is Bill Caskey, a business coach that helps executives and sales teams prosper by developing new skills for their success. Bill is the author of “Same Game New Rules” and the host of the Bill Caskey Podcast.  In part one,  Bill discusses how he became a business coach, the meaning behind his ‘Mindset + Mechanics = Results’ concept, and the importance of understanding the buyers perspective.

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About Bill Caskey:
Bill Caskey is a sales development leader and coach who has been improving B2B sales teams and executives since 1990. His philosophies and strategies have fueled explosive growth in sales and profits for his clients. But his work expands beyond business-to-business and individual training and coaching. He is author of Same Game New Rules, Rewire The Sales Mind and The Sales Playbook to name a few.

He also co-hosts The Advanced Selling Podcast – a weekly top 50 business podcast counseling sales forces and leaders who seek to improve their business and results.

He believes the most important approach to any endeavor is improving one’s mindset. Every creation or result begins in the mind. So naturally, he enjoys business books, human development/psychology topics as well as health and fitness books. “We owe it to ourselves to make it a lifelong habit to learn how to master our own minds and understand the role our mindset plays in our achievements.”