Episode 14 | Part One: Undiscovered Country

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The best investment opportunities don’t always emanate from Silicon Valley. This week, Greg is joined by Patrick McKenna, an entrepreneur, investor, and the Founder of One America Works. Patrick has invested in dozens of companies, many of which are located outside of the 94027 area code. In part one, Patrick shares what inspired him to search for investment opportunities in places like Austin and Baltimore, how the pandemic has broken the monopoly cities like New York and San Francisco had on high-paying jobs, and why he invests heavily in remote first businesses.

If you want to connect with Patrick McKenna, you can find him on LinkedIn or follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_mckenna.

About Patrick McKenna:
Patrick is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and business leader. He has co-founded, operated as a senior executive and invested in several highly successful technology companies with exits valued over one billion dollars. Patrick is regarded as an expert in tech startups based outside of Silicon Valley.

Patrick founded HighRidge Ventures and co-founded Catalyst Opportunity Funds to invest in and advise early-stage technology companies on the premise that ‘Talent is Everywhere,’ He actively seeks investment opportunities outside of Silicon Valley, having funded more than 30 startups across Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Portland and Atlanta and co-founded Baltimore-based Facet Wealth. A U.S. Army veteran, Patrick served in Korea as a first lieutenant in communications security, led a support program for Cuban refugees in Panama and served as a personal signal officer for a four-star general.

He founded One America Works to connect talent, innovation and growth across the country. OAW is a non-profit organization focused on addressing the geographic economic divide across America by connecting innovative technology companies to new sources of talent located in middle American cities with the goal of bringing more people in more places into the modern economy by adding more cities to the Silicon Valley Growth Playbook.

Previously, Patrick worked in M&A at Morgan Stanley and served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a B.S. from the University of Southern California.