Episode 15 | Part One: Lyndsay Dowd

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Lyndsay Dowd pulls up a chair this week. Lyndsay worked at IBM for over 20 years, but pivoted when she asked herself what she was most passionate about. Now she’s the Chief Heartbeat Officer of Heartbeat for Hire, where she helps sales leaders and organizations improve and cultivate a phenomenal sales culture. In part one, Lyndsay discusses the inspiration for Heartbeat for Hire, and what she learned from getting fired.

About Lyndsay Dowd: Lyndsay has a 25+ year, highly decorated sales career as an individual contributor, manager, and executive. As the founder of Heartbeat For Hire, she helps sales teams and leaders elevate their culture in order to increase profits, employee retention, and career fulfillment across the board. She has expertise in software sales and has built diverse and highly productive teams in her 23 years at IBM.