Episode 16 | Part One: Dr. Don Wood

Episode Information

Dr. Don Wood takes a seat this week. Don is a bestselling author and Founder of the Inspired Performance Institute. After years of research, Don created the TIPP method (The Inspired Performance Program)  as a holistic approach to healing the effects of trauma on the body and mind.  He’s also the author of the best-selling books, You Must Be Out of Your Mind and Emotional Concussions. In part one, Dr. Wood shares what is stressing out CEOs today, the inspiration for developing the TIPP method, and how our brains deal with trauma.

About Dr. Don Wood: Dr. Wood developed the Inspired Performance Institute after spending years researching how trauma affects our minds and our lives. Dr. Wood began to understand that events and experiences throughout our lifetime continue to play a role in how we experience life in the present. He also realized that there was a better way of treating the issue. “Teaching people to live with, manage and cope with the daily stress doesn’t fix the problem. The solution comes from understanding it’s source and providing a long-term permanent solution”.

Dr. Wood’s background experience has come from spending time in the for profit and non-profit world. This combination provided a unique perspective on problem solving. He used these skills to develop the Inspired Performance Institute and the NEURO XP program.

Dr. Wood has written two books about his research including the science about how our minds work and why we experience our own unique perspective of the world. Both books are focused on how we can all make the desired changes by allowing our mind to reset and reboot. He has spoken on these topics domestically and internationally.