Episode 17: Tom Harper, CEO of Networld Media Group

Episode Information

The phrase “servant leader” has become almost a cliché. The current economic, social, health and political challenges we face call for an updated understanding of leadership and a new perspective on serving with strength as a leader. In this episode, Tom Harper will help you raise your leadership game.

Tom is the co-founder and publisher of Networld Media Group, a B2B media company that publishes online industry news and produces executive summits in retail, banking, mobile payments, digital signage, restaurants, and Christian leadership.

Networld currently operates 11 websites and four executive summits, and produces podcasts, webinars, custom video and virtual events. It’s first site, ATMmarketplace.com, came online in 1997 and led to the formation of Networld as a company and its templated online publishing model. Tom also serves on the board of the ATM Industry Association.

To learn more about Networld, go to networldmediagroup.com.

Tom is also the publisher of BiblicalLeadership.com. He has written four books, including Servant Leader Strong: Uniting Biblical Wisdom and High-Performance Leadership.