Episode 18: Warwick Fairfax, Founder of Crucible Leadership

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Let’s talk about failure. The truth is, we are in a season when many business have failed and many more will fail in the coming months. Every entrepreneur knows the fear of failure, because failure can be just one bad decision away.

How does a leader avoid failure? And should you experience massive failure as Warwick Fairfax did, how do you recover from it and redesign your life? That’s the topic of this raw interview with a man who lost $2.25 BILLION dollars in the failed takeover of his 150 year old family business.

Chances are you haven’t experienced a failure that big, no matter how rough things might have gone for you. So, tune in and hear how Mr. Fairfax bounced back, reinvented himself and now helps others survive and thrive through the crucible of tough times. For more on this, check out crucibleleadership.com.