Episode 2 | Part One: Percy Miller AKA Master P, Founder and CEO, P. Miller Enterprises

Episode Information

This week Dee is joined by a member of hip-hop royalty today, Percy Miller, AKA Master P. Percy is the founder of the legendary music label, No Limit Records, and is currently involved in multiple entrepreneurial ventures in real estate and the food & beverage space.  In part one, Percy shares the reasons for not selling his record label, how one can determine their self-worth, and why growing up with 15 family members in a three-bedroom apartment motivated his career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

About Percy Miller:
Percy (Master P) Miller is a hip-hop mogul, actor, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He also founded No Limit records selling over 100 million records. he is the archetypal southern rap entrepreneur. In 1990, at a time when record labels were still reluctant to look beyond New York or Los Angeles for their signings, he went the independent route, forming his own label, No Limit. After a slow underground start, he achieved fame and success not only for himself but for much of his stable of artists, including Mystikal, Kane & Abel, and Snoop Dogg, who signed in 1998 after falling out with Death Row. Miller also established himself as a savvy businessman with a range of investments and interests beyond rap.