Episode 20 | Part Two: Dark Cockpit

Episode Information

Greg finishes his chat with Octavian Pantiș, the co-founder of the training company Qualians and the author of the new book, Dark Cockpit. In part two, Octavian discusses the similarities between entrepreneurship and aviation, how entrepreneurs can prevent accidents, and why sometimes having too much talent can be a problem.

About Octavian Pantiș:
His company, Qualians, operates in the corporate training & consulting industry since 1999, serving 50-70 large multinational companies every year, in several countries, as well as a growing number of startups. Qualians was named several times “Training Company of the Year” and “Partner Country of the Year” in the international networks it is part of. He’s a partner in two other businesses.

His latest book “Dark Cockpit – How to Communicate, Lead and Be In Control at All Times. Like an Airline Captain.”, with Captain Emil Dobrovolschi as co-author, taps into the tremendous treasure of know-how in commercial aviation and provides actionable advice for entrepreneurs, leaders and other professionals who want to grow.

Another main area of research for Octavian is Productivity and Work-Life Balance. His two books, tens of articles and hundreds of trainings and speeches on the subject have brought clarity, motivation and tools and ideas to over 200,000 people from all walks of life. His advice is especially sought after by entrepreneurs and managers, because they are responsible for the results of entire teams and organisations so the costs of poor productivity and leadership can be huge.

His consultant work includes workshops with senior management teams, as well as speeches for large groups. All online since March 2020, which makes it easier for Octavian to run sessions for international groups without constant travelling from one place to another.