Episode 20 | Part Two: David Hodgson, CEO, Founder, and Executive Director of the Paladin Group

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Michael concludes his conversation with Dave Hodgson, the CEO and Managing Director of the Paladin Group.

In 2001 Dave incorporated a finance origination company. Since that date he has been responsible for the origination of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commercial and residential finance for Paladin Corporation and its clients. In 2003, David advanced into the more specialized field of financial engineering with the assembly of investment syndicates into property development trusts. As these grew into a pool of over $50 million in gross realization worth of property development projects, David oversaw the incorporation of the Paladin Group of companies which included the two public companies Paladin Acquisition Fund and Paladin Property Fund. By the end of 2006 the Paladin Group consisted of 23 companies and trusts with over $100 million worth of business acquisitions and property development under its control, and by 2011 the Group had doubled to over $200 million. Now, the gross value of the Paladin Croup is in excess of $1 Billion.

In this episode, Dave talks about the applications of lessons he learned in military special operations to business, shares the transformation of his life when he became a Christ follower and describes how he finds the inspiration to lead a billion dollar enterprise by dedicating one day every week to prayer as he seeks to do God’s will, God’s way.