Episode 21 | Part One: Same Side Selling

Episode Information

Greg welcomes Ian Altman to the podcast.  Ian has built a billion-dollar company, written a best-selling book, and created the Same Side Selling methodology.  In part one, Ian talks about the meaning behind ‘integrity-based business growth’ and the benefits of his Same Side Selling methodology.

About Ian Altman:
Ian started, sold, and grew his prior companies from zero to over one billion dollars in value. He has since spent years helping companies achieve explosive growth based on his research on how clients make decisions. His modern approach has been instrumental in helping companies to thrive when their competitors struggle to survive.

He’s a co-author of the bestseller, Same Side Selling, now in its second edition. You can read hundreds of his articles on Forbes and Inc. He is recognized as one of the 30 Global Gurus on Sales, and his Same Side Selling Academy is rated one of the top 5 Sales Development Programs globally.