Episode 24: Andy Mason, Director of Heaven in Business

Episode Information

Andy Mason is the founder and director of Heaven in Business, a movement to connect
and catalyze believers in the marketplace to partner with God in their realm of influence.

This has led to the development of curriculum in Bethel’s School of Supernatural
Ministry, workshops and conferences, an online learning platform, and a growing
community of men and women in the marketplace who are distinguished from their
colleagues by the tangible Presence of God. Through Heaven in Business, Andy may
have more real life inspiring stories of God at work in the marketplace than any other
leader in the marketplace ministry space. Andy is the author of the books God With You at Work and Finding Hope in Crazy

You can get more information about Heaven in Business at

In this episode, Andy shares powerful marketplace stories and provides deep insights
into the integration and faith and work. Turn in and hear what Heaven in Business can
be like.