Episode 26: Shae Bynes, Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Episode Information

Shae Bynes is the founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. Shae is a powerful author, speaker and teacher who is leading a movement to inspire, teach, and mentor entrepreneurs who desire to be led by God in their business, so they can experience His best and have a greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace. Her vision is to see individuals, families, cities, and industries radically transformed for God’s glory. She envisions a community of thriving entrepreneurs with businesses that serve as a sign and wonder to the world; full of the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

Shae has written a number of books, including, “Grace Over Grind.“ Too many business owners are just working head down, grinding it out day after day…and often boast of this, as if it is a badge of honor. Shae offers a compelling alternative.

You can get more information about Shae and Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur at kingdomdrivenentrepreneur.com.

In this episode, buckle up for some high energy insights into how to run a business for maximum Kingdom impact.