Episode 27: Stephanie Winslow, Founder of Blind Spot Consultants

Episode Information

Stephanie Winslow is the founder of Blind Spot Consultants, where she teaches that what you can’t see, is what’s costing you. Stephanie is an author, speaker and consultant to family-owned businesses. She speaks to families and leaderships teams across the US about critical communication between generations and family members. If you want to thrive and not just survive working in a family business, Stephanie has resources you can use.

Stephanie has written a number of books, including the Ascent to Hope series and her most recent devotional guide called “From the Shop Floor to the Boardroom.”

You can get more information about Stephanie and her work at https://www.blindspotconsultants.com.

In this episode, Stephanie shares insights and lessons learned from her years on the executive team of family businesses, including the importance of establishing mission, vision and values, but not just for your business…you need them for your family as well.