Episode 30 | Part Two: I Love LA

Episode Information

In the conclusion of Greg’s chat with Alessandro Marianantoni, the Founder of M Accelerator, Alessandro provides some guidance for startup entrepreneurs and talks about how his program is helping entrepreneurs avoid potential landmines.

About Alessandro Marianantoni: Alessandro is the Executive Director and Founder at M Accelerator in Los Angeles, offering programs to serve the multicultural (local and International) startup ecosystems, providing business founders with a framework to bootstrap and grow their projects. He has designed and developed projects in different spaces: entertainment, engineering, architecture, and healthcare, receiving public and private funding from a number of organizations including Google, Siemens, Marriott, Universal Studios, Disney, and multiple Governments.  Alessandro earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of L’Aquila, with a thesis on perceptual interfaces at the USC Institute for Creative Technology and Integrate Media System Center.