Episode 4: Winning the Game of Tetris in Infusion Scheduling

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Infusion centers provide intravenous medications on an outpatient basis—often for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment but also for several types of non-oncology patients. Unfortunately, many of these centers find themselves “playing Tetris” when trying to cobble together daily schedules for their infusion chairs in a way that is practical for all parties. This week, Aubrey Wong, the Administrative Director for Adult Infusion Services at UC San Francisco, explains how they were able to cut down waiting time for patients thanks to their collaboration with LeanTaaS.

Special Guest: Aubrey Wong, Administrative Director for Adult Infusion Services, University of California, San Francisco

Aubrey joined the Infusion team in 2015 but majority of her work experience is with the Revenue Cycle team. She is also well versed in the front end and back end processes, with an emphasis on billing practices.