Episode 67 | Part Two: Sunny Shaw, Executive Director, Twin Falls & Jerome Housing Authorities

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Katie wraps up her conversation with ChangeMaker, Sunny Shaw, the Executive Director of southern Idaho’s Twin Falls & Jerome Housing Authorities. Sunny has spent over 20 years in the affordable housing industry and has served as the National NAHRO President from 2019 to 2021.

About Sunny Shaw: Sunny has been a passionate houser for 23 years and is the Executive Director at the Twin Falls and Jerome Housing Authorities for the last year. Prior to that she served as the ED at the housing authority in Pocatello, Housing Alliance, and Community Partnerships, all in Idaho. Sunny is very proud of the fact that she began her career at the front desk and has held a lot of agency positions, along the way. Sunny served as the National NAHRO President in 2019-21. Along with that, she has held leadership positions (including President) at each level of NAHRO. In these positions, she has had the unique opportunity to travel the country and develop relationships with leaders from across the country. Her current agencies are small rural agencies; one of which was recently awarded MTW status. During her tenure in Pocatello, that agency was also awarded MTW Status. Sunny’s strength is developing partnerships and maximizing those relationships to impact the community. Sunny is a graduate of Boise State University.