Episode Six | Part Two: Tax Time

Episode Information

Chris wraps up our special Tax Time episode with guest Justin Biance, a Certified Estate Planner and principal at J. Biance Financial.  Justin specializes in multigenerational legacy planning and is the author of “Designed To Last: Renovate Your Financial House And Retire With Confidence.”

About Justin Biance: Justin is a Certified Estate Planner® specializing in multi-generational legacy planning. He is the co-founder of J. Biance Financial, a wealth management firm with offices in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. Justin is the author of “Designed to Last: Renovate Your Financial House and Retire With Confidence” and “The Great Inheritance: 7 Steps to Leaving Behind More Than Your Money.” He is also the host of the featured talk show, “Retirement Design with the Biance Brothers.” He and his wife, Angela, have seven children and live in western North Carolina.