Episode Twelve | Part Two: William Fay

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In the conclusion of David’s conversation with William Fay, the former President of Production of Legendary Pictures  & current CEO at Steric Systems, Bill shares advice on finding the right partner and how his current venture is going to disrupt the spirits industry.

About William Fay: Bill has been a successful producer and film executive for over 25 years. He was a co-founder of and President of Production at Legendary Pictures, where he was Executive Producer on a number of films including the box office hits “Superman Returns,” the Spartan epic “300,” Ben Affleck’s “The Town,” “Clash of the Titans,” and the smash comedy “The Hangover,” which was the highest grossing R-rated comedy ever. Legendary also joined with Warner Bros. to co-produce and co-finance “The Dark Knight” and “Inception;” they were nominated for eight Academy Awards® each, winning six between them.

Prior to Legendary, Fay was an Executive Producer on many successful films, including “The Patriot” and the blockbuster “Independence Day,” which at the time of its release was the second-highest-grossing motion picture of all time.