Featured Guest: Mark Bunting

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Our inbox is full of press releases and pitches, but every once in a while one of them catches our eye. The release announced the launch of a new application that one day will be as commonplace on your cellphone’s screen as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Uber. It is called Grata, and this week Joe is joined by the company’s founder and CEO, Mark Bunting, who explains how it all works.

About Mark Bunting:
Mark is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned technology C-suite executive (Rackspace, Apollo Education, McAfee and SkyTV). He also owned a chain of Cajun restaurant and sports bars and observed firsthand the lack of data (and incentive) necessary to ensure there was linkage between performance and reward for his front of the house staff. Driven by a passion to solve that hourly workers had both recognition and reward he created Grata. Mark is also a professor of Entrepreneurship and Technology Marketing and Advertising at the University of Texas @ Austin.