Featured Guest: Rob Girling

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On the latest episode of ForbesBooks Radio, Joe talks to Rob Girling, the co-founder and co-CEO of Artefact, about the future of work environments and how businesses can take a more strategic approach to identify opportunity areas in the evolution of the modern workplace.

About Rob Girling, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Artefact:
Rob is one of the founders of Artefact, a purpose-driven strategy and design company dedicated to responsible design. His career started at Apple after winning the 1991 and 1992, Apple Student Interface Design Competition for concepts around mobile and personal computing. Rob then spent ten years at Microsoft, obtaining several patents and making significant innovative contributions to Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Games eventually becoming Design Manager for the user interface, brand, and user experience of Windows XP.

Since leaving Microsoft in 2002, Rob has worked as a Senior Interaction Designer for IDEO whose clients included Motorola, Google, Microsoft’s Windows Media Center, Windows Mobile, and MSN. Prior to co-founding Artefact, Rob worked for Sony Computer Entertainment of America as the Lead Game Designer for the MAG (A PS3 action game).