Featured Guest: Blake Lawrence

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College sports will never be the same. Starting in July of 2021, every NCAA athlete in the country has the opportunity to make money from their names, images, and likenesses (NIL). So what does the future of paid college athletes look like? Joining Joe this week is Blake Lawrence, the co-founder & CEO of Opendorse, a sports tech company that maximizes endorsement value for athletes. More than 40,000 (and growing) athletes around the world use Opendorse to monetize their brands with support from partners including the PGA TOUR, NHL, NFLPA, MLBPA, WNBPA, LPGA, over 100 professional and collegiate sports teams, and hundreds of brands. Blake talks about the inspiration for creating Opendorse, how he’s helping college athletes make money, and how the new system will impact sports in the near term.

About Blake Lawrence:
Blake is the co-founder and CEO of Opendorse, the sports technology company that maximizes endorsement value for athletes. A former University of Nebraska football player, Blake launched Opendorse with a vision to help a single teammate and friend in current NFL veteran, Prince Amukamara. Today more than 40,000 athletes around the world use Opendorse to build their personal brands and publish social media content from partners including hundreds of collegiate athletics programs, the PGA TOUR, NHL, NFLPA, NBPA, MLBPA, WNBPA, LPGA, and hundreds of brands.

Previously, Blake co-founded social media agency, Hurrdat, with his college football teammate Adi Kunalic (now President of Opendorse), which they later sold to a marketing agency, B2Interactive. As a former athlete and University of Nebraska MBA grad, Blake leverages his passion for sports and competitive nature to introduce new innovative marketing solutions to the athlete endorsement industry.